Intelligent tools that drive business performance
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Intuitive Tools

Intuitive tools that drive business performance. Understand your customer engagement, team cultural health and productivity with intelligent insights.


Track Team Maturity & Culture In real-time

Track team ways of working maturity in real time through via the Monitor Insights survey platform  and data feeds


Financial Data & Project Costs

Predict success of new features and track project costs in real-time.



Track individual team and portfolio level productivity. Monitor insights provides the capability to track real-time team  metrics providing insight and direction on how to effectively coach teams and drive productivity.

See predictive insights on return on investment, expected feature release dates and analysis on potential opportunities for improvement. Track team lead and cycle time, gather the insights that allow you to build an effective internal investment model for new product development.

Customer Engagement

Measure customer engagement, see how your productivity and team cultural health effect your overall ability to meet customer needs.

Monitor Insights allows product developers to effectively track in real-time the end journey of a feature from concept through to market launch. Track profitability and customer engagement and drive continuous improvement of your team and products.

Team productivity and maturity.

Predictive insights on team productivity and maturity.

Understand patterns across key product dimensions.

See patterns across productivity, customer engagements and team cultural health.

Predict success of new products

Predict success of new product features with customers.

Coach teams

Drive effective ways of working with real-time data on team practices and cultural health.


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